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News 2009

(photo by Jay Rochlin)

All Travis Edmonson fans will want to pay a visit to to see Don and Victoria Armstrong perform Malagueña Salerosa for him at the tribute concert staged in his honor in May 2008.

Don and Victoria will be including the song on their upcoming CD “Los Dos,” to be dedicated to Travis for all the inspiration he has offered in the careers of these two brilliant artists.

Victoria and Don Armstrong sing for Travis in May 2008

In August we marked the sixth anniversary of Travis Edmonson's own website going on line to honor his remarkable life and music.  So many of you then had the opportunity to make direct contact with Travis through the site, and this gave him the greatest pleasure, as did seeing the sparkling remasters of all his albums getting out to those who longed to hear them again in pristine sound.

Now that our role has moved from reconnecting him with admirers to perpetuating his legacy, we want to thank everyone who sent him so many prayers and Good Thoughts during his final illness as well as all those who expressed their sadness and admiration in the tributes to be found on the In Memoriam pages.

Travis Edmonson was lavishly honoured by all at this year's Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp which was hosted for the first time by his old singing partner Bob Shane at The Scottsdale Plaza in Arizona from August 5-8.

Travis' annual appearance at the event always drew fans from across the country to join him in song (“in glorious song”) at jam sessions that inevitably went on into the wee small hours, so his spirit was felt by everyone who paid individual tributes with special B&T numbers they brought to perform.

Rose Marie was warmly welcomed at Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp by Bobbie Shane (right) and star reporters Claudia and Art Yow

While Travis' sunny and endearing presence was deeply missed, Campers were delighted that his (and everyone's) beloved Rose Marie was able to attend along with her grandson Jacob Heidrick. The warmth shown by and to them was part of what made Fantasy Camp especially memorable this year.

Travis' son, Steve Edmonson has a new CD out, and you can read an article about him published in July on the Marin Independent website at

For more about the Jackie Payne/Steve Edmonson Band CD  “Overnight Sensation,” go to

The passing of Travis Edmonson on May 9, 2009

After more than a quarter century dealing with one serious health challenge after another, following the aneurysm and stroke which left him completely paralysed on the left side in 1982, Travis Edmonson courageously faced a series of excruciating illnesses this year that finally took his life on May 9, 2009.

Though a cancerous lesion was discovered on his lung at the end of 2008, the prognosis was thought to be excellent, but a biopsy just before Christmas left Travis in critical condition with air escaping from his lungs into his entire body.

 After he finally surmounted this exceedingly painful and dangerous condition, an extreme case of shingles followed, and despite encouraging signs after his recovery, his system was so debilitated that he then had to cope with a succession of infections - including pneumonia - that left no possibility for survival despite his own indomitable spirit, incredible care from the medical team, constant support from his dear Rose Marie and an outpouring of prayers/Good Thoughts from yourselves.

Heartfelt condolences go to Rose Marie and Travis' entire family at this time of unbearable loss.

(For more information, you can read the bulletins issued by his website on the page devoted to Travis' Last Illness.)

The family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations in Travis' memory be made to the Pimeria Alta Historical Society.
Pimeria Alta Historical Society
Box 2281
Nogales, AZ

A public memorial service was held for Travis Edmonson on May 28, 2009 at St. Philips In The Hills Episcopal Church in Tucson, Arizona .

Memorial Service for Travis Edmonson
Order of Service

To read the wonderful eulogy by Travis' life-long friend Mike Bartlett, please go to the In Memoriam section which also includes touching tributes from around the world as well as obituaries from the New York Times and other news sources.

News From Earlier in the Year

In March we celebrated the fourth anniversary of The Travis Edmonson Collection.

The small one-person cottage industry (remastering, design, production, marketing and distribution) owed its success to the generosity and enthusiasm of hundreds of fans who've supported this benefit project to assist Travis with the costs of long-term illness and make his solo recordings as well as the eight from Bud & Travis and those of The Gateway Singers available in respectful CD remasters.

In March we published Patricia Thompson's wonderful story about how Travis' music got a whole hospital singing.

To celebrate the official fifth anniversary (we first went online in the summer of 2003) of Travis Edmonson's website on Valentine's Day, we published a very special addition to  in February, folk singer Lynn Gold's wonderful first-hand description of Bud & Travis performing at The Ash Grove in Los Angeles.  An appreciation of Travis that is not to be missed!

All around the country, in response to Travis' hospitalization, admirers report holding Travis Fests with snacks and music, to introduce their friends to his fabulous legacy.  A great way of sending healing vibes in Travis' direction.

Also in January, a new Travis shop opened at where you'll find wonderful goodies like a Travis poetry book and a new live recording.  And we're looking forward to a third shop coming soon.

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