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News 2010

The first year we begin without Travis Edmonson amongst us.

At least we have his wonderful music to bring his memory alive on a daily basis - which many of us do.

We are pleased to say that, since first appearing online in the summer of 2003, this website has added new content each and every month ever since, and we hope that admirers and friends will continue to share their memories and comments to keep it a living salute to one of the greatest entertainers America has ever known.

Special Event

Some of those dearest to Travis Edmonson assembled on February 20 when Rosemarie and grandchildren Jessie and Jacob attended a performance by the incomparable Ted Ramirez at the Glendale, Arizona home of Bonnie Brock.

Not just a protégé, Ted was, without question, one of the singers Travis admired most, and with his Latin repertoire and fabulous storytelling, inevitably put on a show which will live endlessly in the memory of all present.

Bonnie, who did so much to sustain Travis in his last years, has staged a number of fabulous house concerts, and outdid herself for the Ted Ramirez event, leaving all present hoping she'll soon again be staging another evening of delightful  music, good fellowship and tasty food.

It seems incredible, but this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the great Bud & Travis concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on March 24, 1960.  We've set up a page to commemorate the great event, and hope admirers will add their own feelings about that most memorable of albums recorded at the performance.

It had been our dream to stage a grand banquet and recreation of the show on the golden anniversary, with Travis on hand to join in, but we hope that everyone will commemorate the day in some special way of their own.  Do let us know if you have any plans.

The enthusiastic response to the musical montage of the Santa Monica concert has encouraged us to begin a new feature on Travis' website this April, namely song downloads which can be reached from the purple Music For You banner at the top of the B&T CDs page.  Check there often for new selections.

May 10, 2010.  Today marks one year since the passing of our most extraordinary Travis Edmonson.  If you have a moment, go back and look at the wonderful tributes from the In Memoriam section and share the Music For You link on the B&T CDs page with someone who's never heard him before, and help keep Travis' music and legacy alive.

One person who especially remembers the day is Bob Rosenberg, who was kind enough to read out to Travis, in his very last hours, all the messages of support, love and encouragement which had come in during the week. (Throughout his illness we made sure that each and every one of your notes with prayers / Good Thoughts were personally delivered to him.)

Remembering the occasion, Bob has recently written

“On May 9th, 2009 - just about a year ago - I drove out to East Mesa on US60, took the Power Rd. off-ramp, and continued on to the Trillium Specialty Hospital to visit Travis.  I carried with me 20 pages of emails that, when
word got out that Travis lay dying,  had come from all around the world. When I entered his hospital room, he was surrounded by people:  I was the only one in the room who wasn't a member of Travis' family.  As I read those
20 pages of emails forwarded to me for Travis, all of us cried - there were no dry eyes.  When I left, the room was
still full, and the only person there then who wasn't a member of Travis' family was the nurse who had come to check his vital signs.”

Through Bob, so many of you were there with Travis to accompany him on his onward journey, and your words were among the last he heard.

This June we are happy to announce the first charitable payment made from CD sales, in this case to the Calibre Talking Book Library.

In keeping with the original spirit of The Travis Edmonson Collection, to assist Travis with the costs of long-term illness, towards which all receipts went during his lifetime, from 2010 a percentage of every payment goes to charity in addition to offsetting costs incurred from 2004 onwards.



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