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Complete Index of Recordings by Travis Edmonson / Bud & Travis

Solo Albums

Travis On His Own
Reprise R9-6035

TRACKS: Side 1 - Cuanta La Mera (Guantanamera), I’m A Drifter, New Ashville Junction, ‘Cross The Plains, Judgement Day, The Things I’ve Saved, * Side 2 - The Web, Ellen, Cape Anne, In Sonora, The Time Of Man

Travis On Cue
Horizon  - WP 1606

TRACKS:  Side 1 - Talkin’ Blues, Malaguena Salerosa, Cotton Eyed Joe, East Virginia Blues, Joey Joey Joey, Viva La Fiesta (1)),   * Side 2 - Lonesome Traveler, Michaela, ‘Cross The Plains, We Live To Love, High Hill Country, The Breeze and I, Viva La Fiesta (2)

Travelin' With Travis

TRACKS:  Side One - Talkin' Blues, Malaguena Salerosa, Cotton Eyed Joe, East Virginia Blues, Viva La Fiesta,   * Side Two - Lonesome Traveler, Joey, Joey, Joey, Michaela, The Breeze and I, La Bamba

The Tucson Tapes First Set  CD
Folk Era

TRACKS:  Walkin’ Down the Line, Everybody’s Talkin’, Malaguena Salerosa , They Call The Wind Mariah , The Last Thing On My Mind , Jalisca/Cocula , Sabras Que Te Quiero , It Was A Very Good Year , Moonbabies and Sunflowers , I’m a Drifter , Midnight Special , La Bamba , Kisses Sweeter Than Wine , Love  is... , Empaliza’ (En El Parasal?) , Hate Me Half As Much As I Love You , Granada, Noche de Ronda, Crescent City Blues

The Tucson Tapes Second Set CD
Folk Era

TRACKS:  La Vaquilla Colorado , Tzena Tzena Tzena , Havah Nagila , Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Scotch and Soda , Flamenco solo guitar music , Greenback Dollar , Yesterday , Vamos Al Baile , Blowin’ in the Wind/Born Free , Children Go Where I Send Thee , Guantanamera , Angelico , Chocounne , Kansas City , Wabash Cannonball , Traigo Mi 45 , Guadalajara , If I Had A Hammer , What the World Needs Now , Sin Ti , El Abandonado , El Cinco La Vance Sinalouense , Scarlet Ribbons

Live at UC Santa Barbara 5/9/66 CD
Folk Era

TRACKS:  Joey, Joey, Joey, Cielito Lindo, Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Raspberries, Strawberries, Talking Guitar Blues, E La Bas, Guantanamera, Guadalajara, All of My Life, La Bamba, It Was A Very Good Year, Canta Morena, Angelico, Sin Ti/Ray to DeLuna Malaguena Salerosa

Bud & Travis Albums

Saturday Night at the Coffee House
aka "A Night at the Ashgrove"

World Pacific  WP 1254

** songs by Bud & Travis

TRACKS:  Side One - Away! Away! With Rum, by Gum, La Bamba **  Tinafto, Johnny, I Hardly Knew You **  Don't Sing Love Songs, You'll Wake My Mother, The Ship Titanic  * Side Two - La Chanson de la Framboise **  The Quiet Land of Erin, Yarrow, How Long Blues, Seguiriyas,

"Bud & Travis" (Liberty)
Liberty LRP 3125

TRACKS:  Side One - Tina, Truly Do, Rayito De Luna, San Fernando, Bonsoir Dame (Good Night My Lady Love), Malaguena Salerosa  * Side Two - Delia's Gone, She Never Loved Me (Choucounne), Florecita De Mi Cielo, They Call The Wind Maria, South Wind, Come To The Dance (Vamos Al Baile)

Spotlight on Bud & Travis
Liberty LRP 3138 / LST 7138

TRACKS:   Side One - Tina, Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Cielito Lindo Son Juasteco, Let Me Fly, Banua, Brown Eyes, Sinner Man,  * Side Two - Angelico, Poor Boy, Raspberries, Strawberries,  Jenny On A Horse, Waggoner´s Lad, Mexican Wedding Dance (La Bamba)

In Concert
Liberty LDM 11001 / ids  12001

TRACKS:  Side One - Myra, They Call The Wind Maria, Delia's Gone, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye, Cloudy Summer Afternoon  * Side Two - Malaguena Salerosa, Rioting In Africa (Merry Minuet), Guess I'll Go Home, Come To The Dance (Vamos Al Baile)  * Side Three - La Vaquilla Colorado, Raspberries, Strawberries,  Bonsoir Dame , Carmen Carmella  *  Side Four - Mexican Wedding Dance (La Bamba), Sloop John B, Everybody Loves Saturday Nite

In Concert Vol. 2
Liberty LRP 3222 / LST 7222

TRACKS:  Side One - Angelico, Suzanne (Every Night When The Sun Goes Down), Amor De La Calle, Young Lord, The Clock, Last Train To San Fernando  * Side Two - All My Sorrows, Two Brothers, My Mary, E La Bas

Liberty LRP 3295 / LST 7295

TRACKS:  Side One - Summertime Love (from "Greenwillow"), I Never Have Seen Snow (from "House of Flowers"), Los Dos, Golden Apples Of The Sun, Ah Nora, War Is Over, In The Hills Of Shiloh, Guadalajara  * Side Two - Red Clay Country, Se Me Hizo Facil, Haiti, It's The Man, Down In The Valley, Joey, Joey, Joey

Perspective on Bud & Travis
Liberty LST 7341

TRACKS:  Side One - Maria Christina, Fiesta In Guadalajara, Abilene, Ay, Jalisco, I Never Will Marry, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Goin' To California  * Side Two - So Long, Stay Well, Take Off Your Old Coat, Two Brothers, Sabras Que Te Quiero, A Long Time Back, Ay, Maria

In Person at the Cellar Door
Liberty LRP 3386

TRACKS:  Side One - Gimme Some, South Coast, Cielito Lindo Son Huasteco, It Was A Very Good Year, Elija Rock  * Side Two -  Better Than Anything, Amor De La Calle, Golden Apples Of The Sun, How Long, How Long Blues

The Bud & Travis Latin Album

TRACKS:  Side One - En De Que Te Vi, Sin Ti, Asi Canta Mi Patria, Anna, Malaguena Salerosa, El Abandonado  * Side Two - Guantanamera, Alma Llanera, Noche De Ronda, No Me Quieras Tanto, Caminante Del Mayab, La Bamba

"Bud & Travis" (Greatest Hits)
Sunset  SUS 5154

TRACKS:  Side One - La Bamba, Angelico, E La Bas, Two Brothers, How Long, How Long Blues  * Side Two - Take Off Your Old Coat, A Long Time Back, Ay, Maria, Elija Rock, Golden Apples Of The Sun

Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Liberty - Capitol

TRACKS:  Side One - Cloudy Summer Afternoon, So Long, Stay Well (Love Was Here And Gone), Cielito Lindo Son Juasteco, It Was A Very Good Year, Anna (El Negro Zumbon)  * Side Two - Bon Soir Madame, Better Than Anything, Raspberries, Strawberries, Golden Apples Of The Sun, La Bamba

The Best of Bud & Travis CD
Collector's Choice

TRACKS:  Rayito De Luna, Los Dos, Myra, They Call The Wind Maria, Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Guess I´ll Go Home, La Vaquilla Colorado, Bonsoir Dame, Malaguena Salerosa, Come To The Dance (Vamos Al Baile), Mexican Wedding Dance (La Bamba), Sloop John B, Golden Apples Of The Sun, Haiti, Joey, Joey, Joey, Cielito Lindo Son Juasteco, So Long, Stay Well, Amor De La Calle, Better  Than Anything, Sin Ti, No Me Quieras Tanto, Caminante Del Mayab, Angelico, South Wind

The Santa Monica Concert CD
Folk Era

TRACKS:  Disc One - 1. Myra  2.  Patter  3. They Call The Wind Mariah  4.  Patter  5. Amor De La Calle  6.  Patter  7. Delia's Gone  8.  Patter  9. Young Lord  10.  Patter  11. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye  12.  Patter  13. Cloudy Summer   Afternoon  14.  Patter  15. E La Bas  16.  Patter  17. Malaguena Salerosa  18.  Patter  19. Rioting In Africa (Merry Minuet)  20.  Patter  21. My Mary  22.  Patter  23. Guess I'll Go Home  24.  Patter  25. Last Train To San Fernando  26.  Patter  27. Vamos Al Baile (Come To The Dance)   * Disc Two - 1. Angelico  2.  Patter  3. La Vaquilla Colorado  4.  Patter    5. Suzanne (Every Night When The Sun Goes In)  6.  Patter  7. Raspberries, Strawberries  8.  Patter  9. All My Sorrows  10.  Patter  11. Bonsoir Dame  12.  Patter    13. Two Brothers  15. Carmen   Carmella  16.  Patter  17. The Clock  18.  Patter  19. La Bamba  20.  Patter  21.  Sloop John B. 22.  Patter  23. Everybody Loves Saturday Night

With Bill Moore

The Liar's Hour

TRACKS:  Side 1 - The Liar’s Hour, Sieery Petes, Rye Whiskey, Boastful Bill, The Dude Wrangler, High Cin Bob or The Glory Trail, Ole Red, Hell In texas, La Vaquilla Colorada (The Red Heifer, Bronco With Wings, The Cowboy and the Shepherd  * Side 2 - Judgement Day, Little Joe, The Wrangler, Ghost Canyon Trail or The Phantom Trooper, Yavapai Pete, Lopin’ Along, Real Cowboy Life, Ridge Runnin’ Roan, The Old Nighthawk, Ride Around

With Katie Lee

10,000 God Damn Cattle

TRACKS:  Side 1 - Ole Delares, Western Plains, Dobe Bill, The Rustler, La Firolera, Adios, El Carrido de Bartolo Negro,  * Side 2 - Sieery Petes, Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, Jose Cuervo, Roundup Lullabye, My Homestead, Waring , of Sonoratoron, Boomer Johnson  * Side 3 - The Lost Wagon, Lasca, The South Coast, Trusty Lariat, Sister Nelly, Little Joe The Wrangler, 10,000 God Damn Cattle, Deep Water Ice & Snow  * Side 4 - Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse, My Blue Heaven, The Night I Stole Ol’ Sam, Old Arizona, Ballad of Alfred Packer, Santa Fe Trail, A Cowboy’s Prayer

Gateway Singers Albums

Enrico Banducci's hungry i lives again at
Travis Edmonson made his breakthrough with The Gateway Singers, resident group at the hungry i

Be sure and check out the website
celebrating the great San Francisco club at

Puttin' On the Style
Decca - DL 8413

TRACKS:  Puttin' On The Style, Fair Maid (A-Rovin), Monaco, Sally Don't You Grieve, Bury Me In My Overalls, Run, Come See Jerusalem, Rock Island Line, Midnight Special, Come to the Dance, True Love, Tumbalalaika, I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

The Gateway Singers at the Hungry i
Decca - DL 8671

TRACKS:  This Little Light Of Mine, Poor Boy, Oleanna, Hold On, The Sinking Of The Ruben James, The Fox, The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud, Roving Gambler, The Erie Canal, Deep Blue Sea, Roll Down The Line, Fare Thee Well, Three Israeli Folk Dances

The Gateway Singers in Hi Fi

TRACKS:  All Over This World , Rollin' Home , Big Rock Candy Mountain, Colorado Trail, Shenandoah,  Hey-lilee, Let Me Fly (Chariot Wheel), Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Malaguena Salerosa, Hard, Ain't It Hard, Rio Grande (Away Rio), Fais Do-Do (Go To Sleep Colas), Rock About My Sara Jane

Other Recordings


“The Web” / “Cuanta La Mera” (Reprise 20071)

with Bud & Travis

"Bonsoir Dame" / "Truly Do" (Liberty 55202)

Poor Boy" / "Jenny On a Horse" (Liberty 55221)

“Spotlight” EP - "Cloudy Summer Afternoon"  /  "E La Bas" / "Poor Boy" / "Jenny On a Horse" (Liberty)

“Spotlight” EP - "Cloudy Summer Afternoon"  /  "Banua" / "Sinner Man" / "Mexican  Wedding Dance" / "Raspberries Strawberries" / "Angel" (Liberty 7138)

"Cloudy Summer Afternoon"  /  "E La Bas" (Liberty)

"Carmen Carmella"  /  "Come to the Dance" (Liberty 55259)

"Haiti" / "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" (Liberty )

Carmen Carmella / Come to the Dance (Liberty 55259)

Moment in the Sun / I Talk to the Trees (Liberty 55764)

"Cold Summer" / "Girl Sittin' Up In A Tree" (Liberty 55803)

"Gimme Some" / "How Long, How Long Blues" (Liberty 55713)

Ballad of the Alamo" / "The Green Leaves of Summer" (Liberty)

“Maria Christina” / “Sabras Que Te Quiero” (Liberty)

With Los Chanquitos Feos Trio



“Hollywood Hootenanny (Horizon)
"The Things I've Saved"

“Hootenanny At The Troubadour” (Horizon)
"E La Bas"

with Bud & Travis

“This Is Stereo” (Liberty,: "Raspberries, Strawberries"

“The Greatest Stars of Folk” Music (Legacy International) ""La Bamba"

“Swingin' Like '60!” (World Pacific)
"La Bamba"

“Hootenanny” (Crestview)
"La Bamba"

“Hootenanny Saturday Nite!” (World Pacific)
"Raspberries, Strawberries" and "La Bamba"

“Liberty Hootenanny” (Liberty)
"Down in the Valley" and "Ah, Nora, War Is Over"

“Folksong Festival (Capitol)
"Ballad of the Alamo," "Guantanamera," "Two Brothers"

“Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival” Smithsonian Collection (Sony)
"Delia's Gone"

“Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music: An All-Star Hootenanny” (EMI-Capitol) "Sloop John B”

“Washington Square Memoirs-The Great Urban Folk Dream 1950-1970”
“Raspberries, Strawberries”

Also check out the tape of Slug and Humphrey adventures with music by Travis Edmonson.

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