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“The Web” / “Cuanta La Mera” (Reprise 20071)

As part of Bud & Travis
"Raspberries, Strawberries" / "Mexican Wedding Dance" (World Pacific)

"Bonsoir Dame" / "Truly Do" (Liberty 55202)

Poor Boy" / "Jenny On a Horse" (Liberty 55221)

EP - "Cloudy Summer Afternoon"  /  "E La Bas" / "Poor Boy" / "Jenny On a Horse" (Liberty)

EP - "Cloudy Summer Afternoon"  /  "Banua" / "Sinner Man" / "Mexican  Wedding Dance" / "Raspberries Strawberries" / "Angelico" (Liberty 7138)

"Cloudy Summer Afternoon"  /  "E La Bas" (Liberty)

"Carmen Carmella"  /  "Come to the Dance" (Liberty 55259)

"Haiti" / "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" (Liberty  55612) 1963

Moment in the Sun / I Talk to the Trees (Liberty 55764)

"Cold Summer" / "Girl Sittin' Up In A Tree" (Liberty 55803)

"Gimme Some" / "How Long, How Long Blues" (Liberty 55713)

Ballad of the Alamo" / "The Green Leaves of Summer" (Liberty  F-55284)

“Maria Christina” / “Sabras Que Te Quiero” (Liberty)

as part of The Gateway Singers
on 78 RPM

"Come to the Dance" / "Hey Li-Lee" (Decca)
Rollin' Home / All Over the World (Decca)

on 45 RPM

“Puttin' On The Style “ /” The Midnight Special” (Decca 29972)

”Bury Me In My Overalls “ / “Monaco” (Decca 30088)

”Roving Gambler “ / “This Little Light Of Mine” (Decca 30510)

"Come to the Dance" / "Hey Li-Lee" (Decca 30630)

"Rollin'Home" / "All Over This World"  (Decca 30708)

With Los Chanquitos Feos Trio



“Hollywood Hootenanny (Horizon)
"The Things I've Saved"

“Hootenanny At The Troubadour” (Horizon)
"E La Bas"

As part of Bud & Travis

“This Is Stereo” (Liberty,: "Raspberries, Strawberries"

“The Greatest Stars of Folk” Music (Legacy International) ""La Bamba"

“Swingin' Like '60!” (World Pacific)
"La Bamba"

“Hootenanny” (Crestview)
"La Bamba"

“Hootenanny Saturday Nite!” (World Pacific)
"Raspberries, Strawberries" and "La Bamba"

“Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival” Smithsonian Collection (Sony)
"Delia's Gone"

“Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music: An All-Star Hootenanny” (EMI-Capitol) "Sloop John B”

“Liberty Hootenanny” (Liberty)
"Down in the Valley" and "Ah, Nora, War Is Over"

“Folksong Festival (Capitol)
"Ballad of the Alamo," "Guantanamera," "Two Brothers"

“Washington Square Memoirs-The Great Urban Folk Dream 1950-1970”
“Raspberries, Strawberries”

"Greatest Latin Love Songs of the Century" CD (EMI)
"Sin Ti"

As part of The Gateway Singers

"All Time Hootenanny Folk Favorites" - Decca  DL 4469
"The Sinking of the Reuben James"

"All Time Hootenanny Folk Favorites, Volume 2" - Decca  DL 4485

"Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival" - RD 046,
A4 21489  (released 1991)
"This Little Light" (Disc 2 - also available separately as catalogue Nr. RD 046-2, A 21491)  (Compilation by the Smithsonian Collection of Recordings, produced in association with Sony Music Special Products)

"Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music (“An All-Star Hootenanny" -   R132-22, 72438-19159-2-9 (released 1996)
"Midnight Special" (on "Volume II of main series as well)
Manufactured for Time-Life Music by EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets")

“ Folk Favorites" - R120-30, MSD2-37267 (released 1998)
"This Little Light of Mine" (on "Volume III of main series as well)
_Manufactured for Time-Life Music by Universal Music Special Markets)

"Folk Songs" (1964) Decca DL34056  "Candy Mountain Land" / "Colorado Trail"


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