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Profile by Ron Cotterel

Unlike many fans who trace their admiration and affection for Travis Edmonson back to their teens or young adult decade when they enjoyed his music as part of Bud & Travis, Dr. Ron Cotterel knew the magic voice from his earliest years, when it was part of the melodic and dazzling mix that was The Gateway Singers.  The entire Cottrel Family were fans, and remain so to this day.  But now they're enjoying the group  on CDs brought out as part of The Travis Edmonson Collection.

”My first exposure to Travis came through listening to his energetic and inspired singing with the Gateway singers. At a very early age, I would play their albums over and over, listening to all of the words, even though I was far too young to understand many of them. I believe that his voice actually helped to shape some of my beliefs and my outlook on life.

More recently, I actually had an opportunity to speak with Travis in person. Understandably, after so many years of growing up with his voice, I have come to see him as the living legend that he is, and was somewhat nervous to actually have a conversation with him. But the instant that I heard his voice, that nervousness of a life-long fan speaking to his idol was melted by his honest, down to earth, and welcoming charm.

Despite the fact that at the time he lay infirmed in a nursing bed, and was struggling to regain his health, Travis shared his infectious buoyant, optimistic can-do spirit with me. I left the conversation abuzz with some of the same positive life energy that spilled out of those songs so many years ago.

Travis, you continue to inspire. May you continue to live a long and
wonderful life and may your loving spirit live on forever!"

Ron Cotterel
Davis, California
June 2005



RON COTTEREL  on Travis Edmonson, Bud & Travis and The Gateway Singers
Dr. Ron Cotterel

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