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I was in at the beginning... a coffee-house in Los Angeles... on a week night. The word had gotten around and the place was jammed. The word had gotten to me too-"Catch Bud and Travis... They're different and they're good!

I helped close the place that night, sitting through three sets; and I was far from alone. Simple and subtle-intimate and intense, there was humor in the songs they sang and there was a great deal of heart. But above all there was a communication between singers and listeners. The music was a two-way street with the audience giving as much as it received: warmth for warmth-belief for belief-appreciation for artistry. It is artistry of a very special kind that can start this two-way flow and maintain it.

After that first night I met Bud Dashiell and Travis Edmonson and I'm glad to say we became friends. I helped close a good many spots they played, and between sets we talked. They had recently teamed up, I found, and were still feeling their way as a duo. But they were on their way and I knew they wouldn't remain in the coffeehouses and after-hour spots for long.

Bud and Travis had worked solo for some time. Travis had written and arranged for and sung with the Gateway Singers. Bud had played many club dates, but as a team they added an extra dimension to their music and it called for a larger audience. It wasn't long in coming because their fame continued to spread-from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, to Chicago and New York: News about the two young fellows whose material was fresh, whose guitar artistry blended and enhanced the folk songs they sang and the original songs they offered, news of the true merit of their arrangements and the genuine warmth and good feeling they aroused. And another feeling-a combination of curiosity and enthusiasm: Where had these songs been before? Why hadn't they been heard till now ? They were new and heart-felt-exciting and infectious. They were good to listen to.

Well, the songs had always been there. People the world around had been singing them for years-sometimes hundreds of years-and they had been passed down from generation to generation because of their intrinsic merit.

It took work-hard, diligent research-to find them, to refine them. It also took courage to present them in this so-called sophisticated world. Bud and Travis loved the work and had the courage, and so the word continued to spread.

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And how did the critics respond?...

Gentle Finesse-Bud and Travis rely on original material brilliantly tailored and subtly appealing.

NEW YORK JOURNAL AMERICAN - Bud and Travis make a vocal Cook's Tour of the world-their choice of numbers excellent-their delivery superb.

CHICAGO DAILY NEWS - Bud and Travis a Real Find. Possess qualities of unique musical entertainers-qualities they have polished to high order.

VARIETY (New York Blue Angel Opening) - Received with high pleasure and regard. Singers with a wide range, a good to perfect catalogue, improving as it goes.

VARIETY ('New York Village Gate Opening )- Big favorites here. These two boys so much in the groove, they make some of today's rock 'n roll combos sound like beginners.

There you have some of the opinions. That two-way street Bud and Travis opened for me and the others in that coffee-house in Los Angeles is now a national highway.
I was in on the beginning and I felt the excitement of a new discovery. That feeling of excitement continues to mount every time I hear Bud and Travis-in person or on record. You will, feel it too.

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There were a number of single and extended-play records released out of this album, including the original, and less-well-known, original version of "Cloudy Summer Afternoon" which made it into the charts.



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Side One

Cloudy Summer
Cielito Lindo Son
Let Me Fly  
Brown Eyes
Sinner Man  

Side Two

Poor Boy
Jenny On A Horse
Waggoner´s Lad
La Bamba

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