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Profile by John Stewart

Before he joined the Kingston Trio, the late JOHN STEWART formed a friendship with Travis Edmonson which has continued down the years.  They even got a chance to sing together on stage over 40 years after their first gig together was cancelled (see below).

“Travis was the first one in the music scene to befriend when I arrived in New  York in 1960. I was fresh out of Pomona,  California, and I was nowhere ready  for Manhattan!

Bud and Travis were playing at the St. Moritz Hotel for several weeks, and  every night I'd go up and see the show and hang out with Travis and all the colorful people who also hung out with the man after the show. These were hip, artsy, eccentric people that I never knew existed in Pomona California.  Travis and I have remained friends since then.

just before I joined the  Kingston Trio I was supposed to play at the hungry  i In San Francisco in a group with Travis, Mike Settle and myself. I regret I haven't yet found the  opportunity to sing with Travis, but it ain't over yet. ****
Travis has always been the consummate guitarist and romantic vocalist. He  makes songs come to life, and he makes them his own.

He's always been a babe magnet,  everybody's friend, a free roaming spirit,  never defeated, and never surrenders. No matter what happens to him  throughout this long crazy drive.

I'll always love him, and he'll always be a hero to me.”

John Stewart
May 2001

Some two years after paying the above tribute to Travis Edmonson , the pair finally sang on stage together in August 2003 at the annual Fantasy Camp for budding KT sing-alikes  in Scottsdale, Arizona, with none other than college pal Nick Reynolds making it a trio.

[John Stewart passed away after a stroke on January 19, 2008.]

Visit the hungry i website for happy photos of John Stewart at the reunion of club performers in March 2007.



John Stewart of The Kingston Trio, a fan and friend since the Bud & Travis days
John Stewart

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