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Bud & Travis (Sunset)

Sunset  SUS 5154


Without reservation it is easy to call this album a package of wonders. The musical abilities, the performance and the selection of material is a thing of beauty. If you have ever enjoyed the talents of Bud & Travis, we know that this album will thrill you. Bud and Travis did not come by their great talents accidentally. Possessed of flexible linguistic versatility, gifted musical abilities, fine singing voices, love of the music, the soil and peoples of whom they sing - all this coupled with a determined application of endless hours of research and rehearsals have moulded Bud and Travis into the finest duo of its kind. Their innate awareness and sensitivity to music and its potential for expression is evident in everything they do. After listening to the selections, we are sure that you'll realize you have an outstanding musical recording in your library.

Cover Photography  Robert Young
Art Director Woody Woodward


This compilation LP from Sunset Records, with the same title as the debut album from Liberty, offers a cross-section of Bud and Travis performances - all fine ones, if not their most celebrated.



Bud & Travis on Sunset


Side One

La Bamba
E La Bas   
Two Brothers
How Long, How Long Blues

Side Two

Take Off Your Old Coat
A Long Time Back   
Ay, Maria
Elija Rock   
Golden Apples Of The Sun   

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