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Travelin With Travis


SIDE A Talkin' Blues Malaguena Salerosa Joe
Virginia Viva La Fiesta
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In folk music, as in few forms of entertainment, a rapport can be established between performer and audience which is electrifying to the audience... inspiring to the performer. An entertainer capable of establishing this rapport with an audience cannot be done full justice in a studio recording session. Travis Edmonson is just such an entertainer. For this reason this recording was made in "live performance!'
Travis strolled onstage, talked briefly to his audience, and moved swiftly into the rhythmic, humorous "Talkin' Blues!' Before the applause for the first number died out, he began the introduction to Malagueña Salerosa (a song he had recorded twice previously, first with the Gateway Singers and again with Bud and Travis). Throughout the first set the electricity mounted as the audience responded to Travis, and he, in turn, responded to them. On into "Joey, Joey" (a number which illustrates Travis" ability to infuse depth and meaning into "pop" material) - the applause grew longer and louder. Until, finally  - at the conclusion of the set, "Viva la Fiesta; a driving Mexican song, the audience broke into unrestrained participation with performer. The house lights came up; but no one left.

As the second set progressed the audience became aware of the versatility of the talent before it. Following the traditional folk song Lonesome Traveler Travis swung into the jazz-influenced guitar and bass harmonies of Michaela and then to the sighing Cross the Plains (a song which invokes the very sound of the wind as its theme). The touching simplicity of High Hilt Country succeeded the haunting lyric of We Live To Love. The evening built to tumultuous climax as, at the end of Viva !a Fiesta (part two) the audience refused to let Travis leave the stage, and called him back to do three additional choruses, the last of which he made, off mike, from the balcony next to his dressing room.


Originally recorded at the Troubadour in Los Angeles under the title "Travis On Cue," accompaniment is provided by Connie Clark on bass.



Travelin' With Travis


Side One

Talkin' Blues
Malaguena Salerosa
Cotton Eyed Joe
East Virginia Blues
La Bamba

Side Two

Lonesome Traveler
Joey, Joey, Joey
The Breeze and I

all arrangements by Travis Edmonson

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