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Recipe for a Travis Fest

If you haven't already staged a “Travis Fest” to introduce friends to the music of Travis Edmonson, or share it with fellow Bud & Travis admirers, then here's the perfect recipe for a successful evening.

Spring Travis-Fest 2009
By Frank Ross

Yet another Travis- Fest has taken place. Cynthia Clark, a friend of mine whom I met through teaching tennis - decided to have a small gathering  at her home in Fairfield (northeast side of Tucson). She planned it more than a month ago to coincide with the full moon,
so that the music could be played outside by the light of the moon.   The evening was gorgeous, as a gentle breeze blew through her
intimate, little patio. About 12 of her friends and four of my musician friends came by.
The  band of the evening consisted of: Don and Victoria Armstrong, Sally  Withers, Ellen Murphy and Frank Ross

We enjoyed some finger food: almonds, cheese delights, chips and salsa, wine and sodas. Then, the heavy hors-d'oeuvres: honey ham, wonderful marble bread, mustard, big strawberries, and a cheesecake with little pieces of fruit to die for (I almost did).

We ate and chatted outside. The view of the city by night from this vantage point is just gorgeous.

Then, it was time to play. Chairs were arranged in a semi-circle. There was a natural “Travis connection,” as Ellen Murphy (Travis' daughter) was there to share her gift of song . Don and Victoria Armstrong came just before their cross-country tour; and a new friend , Sally Withers who is a Montessori teacher and avid music

Cynthia Clark's home was the appealing setting for the evening

All of us had heard and loved Bud and Travis when we were younger and had been influenced by Travis Edmonson's music. We all were happy to hear about his improvement, and that he was finally able to enjoy a solid meal after all this time.

We began the songfest with La Guacamaya, followed by rayito de Luna, then “Guadalajara en un Llano.” The beautiful El Pastor followed, as interpreted by Don and Victoria. Then I sang “Contigo en la Distancia.”

Memento of a great evening: Sally, Victoria, Frank, Ellen and Don

Other songs performed were Maria Isabel, Mexicali Rose with a Spanish lyric I had never heard (beautiful harmonies by Don and Victoria). Then El Reloj,  Perfidia (a song about treachery) and La Barca. Next up was an original piece performed  by Ellen called “Reina de la noche,” a charming number about the moon that she sometimes sings with her fifth-grade bi-lingual class at Davis Elementary School.

Don and Victoria singing 'El Pastor"

We, of course, would not permit Don and Victoria to leave without their classic rendition of Malagueña Salerosa, and we also did la Vaquilla Colorada. I ended the evening with my favorite Bud and Travis song, “Tomorrow is a long Time.”

Another sub-plot developed in this story. Sylvia Burton attended the party, and she knew Carol Fawcett, who is Travis' first wife and  the biological mother of Ellen Murphy!! Sylvia knew Carol when she was pregnant with Ellen!! So, Sylvia and Ellen had a reat encounter, and were able to chat about who knew whom .



The moonlit patio setting

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