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Folk Era


The Santa Barbara that I knew was an Arizona Boy's dream.

by Travis Edmonson

Ocean views and dancing shoes
And cream puffs from real cream
Dinghys up to fancy yachts
And laces and perfume
Perfect horses with smooth trots
And outdoors like a room.
People who loved music more
Than all that tasty food
And took time to ascertain
The dainty from the crude.
I played with my friend Rene
At El Paseo then.
And scores of other places;
Dark Cave to Cheery Den.
I sang a lot of Spanish songs
Couples felt the romance.
And also Bossa Nova,
For those who liked to dance.
It seemed as though
The whole town showed
On evenings that I'd sing
And I would do my very best
to show them everything

The kids from U.C.S.B.
Wanted a concert from me,
So a friend of mine J.T.
Accomplished it as quick as could be.
Well, John Thomas is his real name.
And this album is part of his game.
Oh, we're still at it. It's true.
We're passing it on now, to you.

Feelings last as long as time
Some in sorrow some sublime.
And I know I feel the best
When I stand up to their test:
Do I agree with feelings?
Do I accept them as my own?
Am I concerned with feelings
As something I have known?
I do with all my probing,
And thoughts of peace inside
I have come to accept them
And greet them with pride.

The "Folk scene" in Santa Barbara during the late '50's and '60's was truly a "special place to be". Because of its location between Los Angeles and San Francisco, many artists used and enjoyed it as a "way-station" going up and down the coast of California, catching up on their suntans by the beach, and playing for enthusiastic fans at folk clubs such as "The Iopan", the "rondo", the "Noctambulist", the "Nexus", the "Bluebird Cafe", as well as the Santa Barbara County Bowl - in many ways, it was the "Greenwich Village" of the West Coast.

Many of the "up and coming" artists used Santa Barbara to try out their new material, before going on to gigs at the "Hungry I", the "Ash Grove Kingston", or "The Troubador" - and the Santa Barbara folk scene was all the richer for it. The Kingston Trio, Joe & Eddie, The Stone Poneys, The Limelighters, Ian & Sylvia, The Brothers Four, and Bud & Travis - all participated and gave their indelible stamp to the local clubs, the local folk musicians, and fans.

As a member of "the Channel Singers" I was privleged to open for many of these groups and enjoy their friendship, particularly that of Travis Edmonson of "Bud & Travis". After he and Bud split up in the mid-sixties, Travis hung out with me for a while as he developed his new solo career, performing at all those great folk clubs, The El Paseo restaurante, and lots of beach parties - another part of the Santa Barbara "thing..."

At the time, I was Alumni Director at U.C. Santa Barbara, and Faculty Advisor to Sigma Pi Fraternity there. I asked Travis if he would consider doing a solo concert at U.C.S.B. for Sigma Pi as a benefit for our Scholarship Fund, and he graciously accepted. So, on May 9, 1966, Travis performed this concert at Campbell Hall, on the U.C.S.B. campus to a totally receptive audience - his first solo "concert" since his breakup with Bud. The show is highlighted by the first recorded performance of his original song "All Of My Life" - which is still one of his most beautiful love songs - timeless, just as his music and performances. My pleasure was to produce and record the concert, and is now to invite you to experience Travis Edmonson in a solo concert setting that truly shows the fun, the excitement and the beauty of the man, his music, and his uniqueness.

John Thomas, Producer
Magic Music Enterprises
(U.C.S.B. - '61, '63)

(Liner notes reprinted with the kind permission of Folk Era Records)


Ever imagine what it might be like to invite Travis Edmonson over to your own home, and have him bring out his guitar and sing for you?

While this is ostensibly a concert album, it is one with a substantial difference.  Despite the large and appreciative attendance, the magic is that he seems to be relating to each member of the audience individually.  However, this is not just the warmth and rapport most great artists can engender.  It's like experiencing him in the relaxed atmosphere of a comfortable living room with perhaps only two couples present.

Creating an intimate ambience, as if entertaining a circle of friends, his persuasively soft-spoken and gently thoughtful introductions offer a mellow view of the entertainer a million miles away from the stage high jinks of a Bud & Travis show, yet still with the same unmistakable and appealing approach which always generated a unique affinity with those he sang to.  

For a Travis almost close enough to touch, it very well could be the pick of the entire discography!




Joey, Joey, Joey
Cielito Lindo
Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Raspberries, Strawberries
Talking Guitar Blues
E La Bas
All of My Life  
La Bamba
It Was A Very Good Year
Canta Morena
Rayito DeLuna
Malaguena Salerosa

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