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Bud & Travis in Concert Volume 2



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1960 concert at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Liberty LRP 312


 Liberty's first album of Bud and Travis In Concert represented some choice moments of a truly memorable evening - the occasion of Bud and Travis' first major concert. This concert was attended by aficionados of the current folk music craze, and by a veritable cult of Bud and Travis fans.  Those who appreciate a blend of tasteful folk music from all over the world, played and sung with impeccable vocal harmony and fine guitar playing.

The concert lasted over two and a half hours, and was successful beyond anyone's dreams. Naturally, it was impossible to release the entire concert in one package. Because of the tremendous acceptance of the first concert album we decided to issue the unreleased portion of the concert.  Some of the most magical moments are in this album which will greet your ears in sheer delight!

This is a package of wonders.  The musical abilities, the dialogue, the performance and selection of material is a thing of beauty.  If you enjoyed the first album, we know this one is destined to thrill you.

Bud and Travis did not come by their great talents accidentally.   Possessed of flexible linguistic versatility, gifted musical abilities, fine singing voices, love of the music, the soil and peoples of whom they sing - all this coupled with a dogged application of endless hours of research and rehearsals have moulded Bud and Travis into the finest duo of its kind.

Producer.- Si Waronker
Cover Design: Francis & Monahan, Inc.
Engineers: Ted Keep and Jack Robson


Difficult to comprehend how some of these tracks could ever have been deemed secondary.  "All My Sorrows" and "Every Night When the Sun Goes In" could be considered among the very top Bud and Travis recorded performances.



Bud & Travis in Concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Volume 2 on stereo CD now

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